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P&E Plumbing and Building Maintenance Inc. 爱家冷暖

We service Grater Vancouver since 2009.

licensed, bonded, insured.

我公司整合了暖气、水工、电工和冷气等多个团队的专业技能,为客户提供一站式的家庭维修保养和升级安装服务,随时随地体现着我们对客户需求的深刻理解和对服务品质的不懈追求。我公司的服务品质和服务态度在行业中首屈一指,无论是响应速度、技术专业还是客户满意度,都展现了我们作为行业领导者的地位。 Our company integrates the professional skills of heating, plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning teams. We provide one-stop home maintenance and upgrade installation services for our customers, reflecting our deep understanding of customer needs and unwavering commitment to service quality anytime, anywhere. Our service quality and attitude place us at the forefront of the industry, whether it’s response speed, technical expertise, or customer satisfaction, showcasing our position as industry leaders.
即便您身处异国他乡,您的物业也可毫无顾虑地交由我们维修保养。爱彼迎的房东或经营家庭旅馆的公司都与我们建立了长期的服务合作关系。验屋师、房产经纪、租房经纪、贷款经纪以及保险公司代理人均与我们保持着良好的合作关系,并且赢得了口碑和一致的认可。Even if you are abroad, you can entrust your property to us for maintenance and repairs without any worries. Airbnb hosts or companies that operate family hotels have established long-term service relationships with us. Home inspectors, real estate agents, rental agents, loan brokers, and insurance company agents all maintain good cooperative relations with us and have won a reputation and unanimous recognition.
  HEATING 暖气团队
我公司的暖气团队提供全面的解决方案,无论是传统的热水炉和壁炉,还是现代的地暖锅炉和暖风机,我们专业安装和维护服务确保了家庭温暖舒适。 Our heating team provides comprehensive solutions, whether it’s traditional hot water tank and fireplaces, or modern underfloor heating boilers and furnace. Our professional installation and maintenance services ensure that homes are warm and comfortable.
热水炉,壁炉,地暖锅炉,暖风机,露台燃气取暖器,冷暖空调,暖气片,电热地暖,壁挂式锅炉,游泳池锅炉 hot water tank (gas/electric) fireplace furnace boiler heat pump electric/hydronic baseboard heater floor electric wire heating tankless water heater combi boiler swimming pool heater gas patio heater
无论是水管漏水还是厨卫水槽问题,我公司的水工团队都能迅速响应,我们的技术精湛和服务周到,保障了家庭水务的顺畅和安全。 Whether it’s a leaking pipe or a kitchen and bathroom sink issue, our company’s plumbing team can respond quickly. Our skilled plumbers and thoughtful service ensure the smooth and safe operation of household water systems.
水管漏水,各类阀门,厨卫水槽,污水泵/雨水泵,淋浴,马桶/冲洗盖,按摩浴缸,林园喷淋,政府倒流年检,减压阀,净水器/软水器,全屋灰管更换,下水道疏通 supply line/drain pipe kitchen/shower faucets kitchen/lavatory sink sewage pump/sump pump bathtub/shower stall toilet/bidet SPA/hot tub/jacuzzi garden irrigation back flow test (noticed by city) pressure reducer valve water filter/ softener new/renovation house piping poly B re-piping (building before 2005)
从灯具安装到智能控制系统,我公司的电工团队不仅技术一流,还注重细节,为客户提供了高效且可靠的电气服务。 From light fixture installation to smart control systems, our company’s electrical team excels not only in technical expertise but also pays attention to details, providing efficient and reliable electrical services to our customers.
灯具安装,电车充电桩,家电,各类换气扇,插座更换,开关更换,温控器,铝线升级,智能控制系统,监控系统,碎骨机 LED lights appliances/cooktop/washer/dryer/range electric car charger station bathroom/laundry fan receptacles switches/breaker/fuse garburator thermostats aluminum to copper wire upgrade smart control for lighting/switches camera/alarm system
  COOLING 冷气团队
我们的冷气团队专业从事空调和制冷设备的安装与维护,无论是家用还是商用,我们都能提供高效能源的解决方案。 Our air conditioning team specializes in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Whether for residential or commercial use, we provide high-efficiency energy solutions.
空调,电冰箱,商业冻库,中央空调,分体空调,移动空调,商用制冰机 heat pump fridge walk-in cooler cooling coil/outdoor unit for furnace central/ductless A/C multi-zone/mini split A/C portable A/C ice maker
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