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Rates and Payment Terms 收费标准 及 支付条款


1. On-site Inspection Fee: $150 for Single house/duplex;$190 for apartment/townhouse;$260 for commercial;free for membership. The On-site Inspection Fee includes one technician with heavy tool truck travelling fee and 15 minitues troubleshooting fee, no any hidden costs;

1. 上门检查费: $150 独立别墅/双拼 ; $190 公寓/联排 ;$260 餐馆/商铺/办公室 ;年费会员免费。上门检查费已经包含一位技术员和大型工程车往返路程的费用和15分钟的检查人工费,没有其他任何隐含费用。

2. Most of heating and cooling equipment's installation and alternation are offered by a flat fee after estimation. It depends on the equipments class, job's difficulty degree, job location, payment term and customers coordination degree of the project;

2. 冷暖设备的安装或者更新换代在实地评估之后给出一个固定的价格,估价的高低取决于该项目采用的设备的档次,安装的难易程度,客户地理位置,支付条款以及客户的配合度;

3. Beside the On-site Inspecion Fee, the following maintenance, inspection, repairing fees are calculated at $79/half hour. The hourly rate drop to $69/half hour from the 7th continuous hour. The parts may be charged separately; extra one hour labor on the Inspection Report as per customer request.

Sometimes we can deal a fixed price before the project if customer strong required. However, the customer shall bear the relevant responsibility for the quotation error caused by the customer intentionally concealing the details. ;

3,支付上门检查费之后,接下来的安装费、维修费、检查费通常按 $79/半小时计算。如果连续超过六小时,第七小时开始降低至69/半小时计算。零件费另算;如需出具法定检查报告另加一小时人工费。


4. If emergency service¹ is required, hourly rate and travleling fee will be charged by double. If same-day service² is required, it will be charged by 1.5 times of regular. Christmas holiday triple charges may be applied.


5, Accept payment by cheque, cash and EMT, other payment methods are negotiable.

5, 接受支票,现金和EMT付款,其他付款方式另议。

6. All appointments are subject to written notice (e. g. SMS, Wechat or email, etc.). Make sure to cancel or reschedule more than 24 hours before your appointment, or you will be charged a $90 cancellation fee.

6. 所有预约以短信、微信或者电子邮件为准。24小时内不得取消或者更改预约,否则应支付$90作为补偿。

7. If our technician cannot enter customer's property due to customer's reasons, the technician can wait outside the door but never exceed half an hour, or you will be charged a $180 compensation.

7. 如果由于客户主观原因导致我公司技术人员无法按时进入其住宅的,我公司技术人员可在门外等待但最多不能超过半小时。否则应支付$180作为补偿。

8. For non-member accounts (considered cash accounts), all invoice amounts must be settled on the day of completion (arrears will be charged 4% monthly interest, and the Late Payment Compensation of $50 will be charged). If members need to defer payment, please send EMAIL to our company for negotiation (1% of the handling fee can be applied for 15 days, and 10% of the handling fee can be applied for up to 3 months);

8, 非会员账户(即现金账户)完工当天必须结清所有发票费用(欠款按月息4%加收,另收取违约金$50)。会员账户如需延期付款请发送EMAIL到我公司协商(可申请15天需收取手续费1%,最长可申请3个月手续费 10%)

9. The membership fee is $79/month (billed annually), especially suitable for situations where the property owner is not in Canada;

9, 会员费用$79/月(按年支付费用),特别适合房东不在加拿大的情况;

The terms above will be implemented from December 1, 2019


All prices are subject to 5% GST.


Notes: 1. The Emergency Service: arrival of customer's home: within one hour, between 5:00pm and 9:00am on Monday through Friday, or on holidays. The 59min™ is our reliable emergency-service trademark; 2. The Same-Day Service: we will arrive customer's home on the same day when the call received before 2:00pm on workdays; a call received after 2:00pm, we will arrive before next workday 10am.

备注 1. 紧急维修:接到客户电话一小时内达到; 或者是正常工作时段(周一到周五9点到5点)以外,或节假日。59min™是我们的紧急服务注册商标; 2. 当天服务: 如果在工作日内下午两点之前接到电话,可以当天上门维修。如果是两点之后接到电话,我们将在接下来的工作日的上午10点前到达客户家里。

I have read and confirmed all terms above. 我已阅读并同意以上条款。