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Warranty Terms 保修条款

ALL of our installation, replacement and reparing jobs are carrying $5,000,000 of liability insurance.


To refer products manual or instruction, some installed heating and cooling equipments are carrying a registered warranty of 1-5 Years on Parts, 5-10 Years on Compressor, 5-20 Years on Heating exchanger.


and: 并且

We provide a one (1) year labour warranty on equipment and parts supplied and installed by us from the date of the original installation. If during this period the covered equipment, components, or parts fail because of a manufacturing defect or faulty workmanship, we will cover the parts and labour at no charge. In the event the technician diagnoses the cause of the equipment, component, or parts failure that is not related to the manufacturing defect or our workmanship, our regular service will be charged. The installation of replacement parts under the terms of this warranty does not extend the original warranty period.

我们提供从原始安装之日起一年的设备相关的人工费,如果是由于我们提供的设备及其部件问题或由于我公司安装不当照成的问题,我们负担配件和人工费且没有额外费用。但如果经过我们技术人员分析确定非设备本身和安装问题造成的故障,我们将正常收取服务费用。 所有维修配件更换之后并不会延长质保期限。

Our regular plumbing and electrical jobs are offering a one year warranty on labor and materials;


The plumbing and electric repairing that is not originally performed by our company; we are offering a one (1) month warranty on labor and materials; Commmercial customer only has seven (7) day warranty.

我们日常的水电维修项目(最初并非我公司安装的)提供一个月的质保(含人工和材料); 商业用户只提供一周质保;

All warranty services or repairs will be performed during our regular business hours from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


NOTE: Although some heating and cooling equeipment manufacturers provide a 5-year part warranty on their covered equipment and components from the date of the original unit installation, they also require the homeowner to provide written documentation (such as service invoice) of annual and other periodic preventative maintenance on the equipment as per the manufacturer warranty policy. Failure to provide proof of maintenance that's provided by qualified professional companies can cause void to the manufacturer warranty.



Warranty Limitations – This warranty does not cover if:


- The homeowner is unable to provide written documentation of annual and other periodic preventative maintenance on the equipment.


- Damage or repairs resulting from lack of periodic maintenance and/or regular servicing, from misapplication, abuse, misuse, improper servicing or alteration, or improper operation of the equipment;


- The refinishing of heating and cooling equipment cabinet parts, bases, mountings, decorations, trim remote condensate pumps, thermostats, electrical services or drains to the covered equipment;


- Loss, damage, repairs or maintenance, and the damages of hail, theft, earthquakes, riots, winds, fire, lightning, accidents, corrosive atmosphere or other conditions beyond the control of us or the manufacturer;


- Failure to operate due to, but not limited to, voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers, or other damage due to the inadequacy of interruption of electrical service.


- Cosmetic damage such as, but not limited to: Scratches, dents or rust.


- Blocked drain pipe cleaning and refrigerant recharging for cooling system or refrigerator/freezer/ice maker.


- The aesthetic of the installation and repairments.


- Non-functional parts such as, but not limited to: Plastics, finishes, porcelain or enamel parts, knobs and dials, handles, accessory items (such as water or electrical connections), venting equipment and decals.


- Equipment/facilities where the serial plate attached to the equipment is removed, defaced or made illegible;


- Service made mandatory by change in Federal, Provincial or local regulations;


- Additional or usual utility bills incurred due to any malfunction or defect in the equipment, components or parts;


- Any expenses incurred by the homeowner for the parts and labour which were not provided by us;


- Any expenses incurred by the homeowner resulting in loss of wages, hotel expenses or any other out of pocket expenses.