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1. The first step to apply Canada Greener Homes Grant rebate (up to $5000), go to the federal government website to apply. After answering 5 simple questions, you can start filling out the form. Click here to apply. You will receive an email immediately after uploading the application, which will tell you an application number, similar to "AP123456"; if you pass the review, you will receive another email about two or three days later, and the email will tell tell you that your registration is successful and wait for the energy advisor to contact you (please select the energy consulting company when applying: VerdaTech Energy Management and Consulting Inc).

1,进入联邦政府网站申请安装补贴(最多$5000),回答5个简单问题之后即可开始填表,点此申请。上传申请之后立即会收到一封电子邮件,邮件中会告诉您一个申请号码,类似于 "AP123456";如果通过了审核,大约两三天之后将会再次收到一封电子邮件,邮件中会告诉您注册成功,等待能源顾问联络您(申请时能源咨询公司请选择:VerdaTech Energy Management and Consulting Inc)。

2. The energy advisor will come to your home to conduct a test and assessment. The assessment will take about half day and the cost will be approximately within $500. After the assessment, three assessment forms will be issued; you can then start the heat pump intallation;

2. 能源顾问将上门进行测试评估,评估将会耗费半天的时间,费用大致在$500以内,评估之后会出具三张评估表格; 您就可以开始动工了;

3.We will install the high-end brand heat pump at your door, and charge the full project payment after completion.


4. The energy advisor will come to your home again to conduct a final test, and the cost will be approximately within $500. The total cost of the two tests can be reimbursed to the federal government up to $600;


5. Submit the application and invoice online and wait a few months for the rebate to be mailed cheque to the landlord.

5, 在线提交申请和发票,大约等待两个月左右,能源补助将以支票的方式邮寄给房东。

6.The next step is to submit an online rebate application to CLEAN BC. Click here to apply. For the Greater Vancouver Area, if the heat pump removes the natural gas pipeline, the subsidy is up to $6,000; if it is dual-fuel (natural gas and electricity), the subsidy is only $3,000;

6. 接下来就是向BC省节能部门在线提交省级补助申请,点此申请。大温地区的用户如果是拆除天然气热源,改用市电热泵,最多可以补贴$6000,如果是双燃料(天然气和电)则只能最多补贴$3000;

7. The last step is to submit an application to municipal level, but the rebate policy is much diffrent between cities. For example, the city of Vancouver is $4,000 (you must obtain a mechanical design permit), North Vancouver and West Vancouver are $2,000, and Coquitlam and New Westminster are $350. But for Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey have not yet offer this rebate;

7. 最后一步则是向具体所在城市在线提交市级补助申请,比如温哥华市$6000(必须拿到机械设计许可证),北温和西温市$2000,高贵林和新西敏$350,但本那比市,列治文市,素里暂未开展此项补贴;

The above policies are subject to change at any time, please refer to the official government website; Some of rebate could be fully subscribed without prior notice.


In addition, there are more rebate policy, such as the $9,500 CleanBC Income Qualified Program, electrical service pannel upgrade rebate, etc. Please visit our website for details.